's service includes full online tracking of your packages enabling you to monitor their progress through the network. In the unlikely event that a package on a booking is lost in transit, searches will be performed, which in most cases result in the package being found.

offers cover in the event that one or more packages on a booking are lost in transit or storage and cannot be recovered after a search.


When you book your service you will be able to choose from a variety of cover levels, starting at up to £150 per package / box / suitcase / bag.

If your circumstances require higher levels of cover than we offer, please ensure you obtain this insurance cover from another supplier in the form of travel, home, or item-specific insurance.


's cover is not specifically tailored to your individual requirements, and so it cannot replace travel, home, or item-specific insurance.

The full terms of cover can be found in our terms and conditions. Important limitations to cover include the following:

  • LABELLING: All packages must be labeled by the customer in a way that the label cannot easily come off during sortation and transit.

    In the case of suitcases, bags, luggages, and instrument cases, the best way to do this, is to place the label inside one of our freely supplied heavy duty label holders and attach this to the handle of your item using cable ties supplied with the label holders. If you are sending suitcases / bags and you don't have time to wait for delivery of our label holders and cable ties, then it is your responsibility to attach your label securely using another method, such as by taping the label to the item by looping the tape around the item repeatedly so it cannot be rubbed off during transit. How To Label Suitcases / Bags

    Unacceptable ways of attaching labels include but are not limited to:

    • Placing the label in a plastic document holder and tying it to an item.
    • Taping a label to a suitcase / bag without repeatedly looping the tape around the suitcase / bag.
    • Taping a label to a cardboard box without completely covering the entire label with tape to prevent the edges coming loose.
    • Stapling or pinning labels to items.
    • Using double-sided tape to attach labels to items.

    Labeling items in the ways listed above are likely to lead to the label being rubbed off during automated sortation and transport, resulting in the loss of the package. Bookings including items labeled insecurely are not covered in the event of loss.

  • MAXIMUM COVER PER ITEM: Our service is designed for the transport of personal effects, not high value individual items. As such, our cover is limited to £ 200 per item within a box / suitcase / bag. For example, a customer who selected cover of up to £1200 per box / suitcase / bag, who experienced the loss of a box containing two items with a like for like replacement value of £300 each would receive £400 for their loss. Therefore, if you are sending items with an individual value exceeding £200 each, we suggest you obtain item-specific insurance externally.

  • FORBIDDEN ITEMS: 's cover does not cover loss to items which are forbidden on our service, including but not limited to aerosols, flammables (nail varnish, perfumes etc), and batteries. Forbidden Items

  • ITEMS SENT AT YOUR OWN RISK: 's cover does not cover loss to items which are sent at your own risk, including but not limited to glass, ceramics, electronics (e.g. TVs, PCs, printers, laptops). Items Sent At Your Own Risk

  • COVER FOR CONTAINERS: 's cover does not cover damage to containers such as suitcases, bags, instrument covers, and boxes used by the customer to contain their items.

  • DELAYS: 's cover does not cover consequential losses and losses resulting from delays, including the purchase of replacement items. If your booking is time-sensitive, we suggest having your items sent further in advance, to mitigate against the possibility of delays and/or obtain insurance cover for such delays from another supplier in the form of travel, home, or item-specific insurance.

  • DAMAGE: provides heavy duty 250gsm double-walled export grade boxes for use on our services, and we ask that customers who use their own boxes ensure they are of the same or higher specification, or in the case of suitcases and bags ensure the suitcase or bag is capable of providing a similar level of protection to items inside. Subject to the above, we have found that when damage occurs to items inside boxes / suitcases / bags it is invariably the result of packed items not being sufficiently well padded by the packer. All solid objects should be padded on all sides with at least 5cm (2.5 inches) of soft padding material such as bubble wrap. 's cover does not cover damage to items packed inside boxes / suitcases / bags.

  • CONFISCATION: When forbidden items are sent on our services they are confiscated and destroyed. When customs authorities discover forbidden items, this can lead to entire shipments being confiscated and destroyed, in line with local legislation. Customs authorities also have the power to confiscate and destroy shipments where the receiver fails to comply with local legislation and demands made by customs authorities. 's cover does not cover losses under these circumstances.

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